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Across the street
Without a bite to eat,
I stop for a moment and sigh.
The child no more -
Then five years of age
Begins to cry.
No tears come out,
Just a wrinkled up nose
Sore fists, mouth, and eyes.
He stares back at me,
Longing for a chance anew.
The child looks away,
Begins to pray,
As a answer
'Oh child I love you.'
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 2 5
Long Hair Day by Mini-nick Long Hair Day :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 0 19
my God.
How did it end up like this?
How did I loose it?
I left the one thing I held truly valuable to my heart;
I left it in the trash.
Ready for the vultures.
Ready for the beggars.
Ready for people to take it away.
It is what is shared in all of us;
What is shared in me.
How ever could I have desired
To throw that piece away?
We all think it is evil,
But each love it in their own way.
How dare I had looked
So selfishly in the past.
To seek away my future;
A future yet to pass.
Yet I think it was all worth it,
Regardless of the pain
I went through just to get here.
Twas it that made me sane.
Learn from mistakes I've made, my children.
And do not go my way.
For I had gone through fields of torture.
Torture worse then pain.
Ask not of me what feelings that i shared.
Ask not of my thoughts that I had made.
Ask only of me what you may do;
In hopes to not become the same.
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 4 11
My dear sanity where have you gone?
Can't stop thinking 
Can't stop remembering 
Can't stop myself 
Ive gone mad 
I've gone to hell and back 
I'm insane 
I'm so insane 
I need to get out 
I need to get out of this hell I've made. 
Get me past 
The point of no return 
I need to get back to life 
Give me back my sanity,  
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 3 2
Together We Stand
Breezes pass by,
And fall like the stars.
The stars disappear,
Like ever passing cars.
The world goes on,
And the world flies by.
The wind blows through,
In a never ending sigh.
The trees continue swaying,
And the days drag on.
The night will become finished,
At the start of the dawn.
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 5 11
it's just me by Mini-nick it's just me :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 0 12
Things Were Different
Before I met you,
Things were different.
Before I met you,
Life wasn't the same.
Before I met you;
I never wrote for you.
Now that I've met you
My writing has changed.
Now that we've met,
I can't stop to think;
I can't stop to think
Without thinking your name.
The way that you are,
And the way that you see me.
The joy that you are
And the life that you give me.
All has changed.
All was different
Before I met you.
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 4 16
LOL $pyed by Mini-nick LOL $pyed :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 1 3
Tell Me
If once
I wrote
A poem.
And one poem
I did write.
Would ever you care to read it?
~would you care to know my plight?
If once I wrote a poem.
That poem would be a sight
To mortal eyes galore!
~A poem none could write.
I write this now
In sheer regret.
For none will know how
I'd become upset.
Stare at me now.
~eyes sullen and wet.
And Let Me Allow
~This Last Regret
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 5 22
u n c e r t a i n t y
lost and unknown,
sick and disgusted.
  Confused and misknown.
Unloved and distrusted.
DID you know
just when,
    And WHY.
'Cause this is something.
Not known to me.
But known to you, not I, not I.
And WHY and why.
Oh do tell of the reason you cry.
Is there something STUCK?
i n  t h y  m i n d  o r  e y e ?
Rather, why is it
- or so it would seem;
Doth thou make injury toward thyself.
For injury is wicked,
Contentedness, good.
Devilry as evil
and cunning as them all.
ALL and all. These all
:iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 6 4
Ying Yang Shark...Thing by Mini-nick Ying Yang Shark...Thing :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 2 13 Antietam by Mini-nick Antietam :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 2 7 Music In My Head by Mini-nick Music In My Head :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 3 18 Splatter Wallpaper by Mini-nick Splatter Wallpaper :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 5 7 I Feel Like I'm Dying II by Mini-nick I Feel Like I'm Dying II :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 1 8 I Feel Like I'm Dying -colored by Mini-nick I Feel Like I'm Dying -colored :iconmini-nick:Mini-nick 2 19
mi artwork and writings


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I've been gone awhile.

Like, a bazillion trillion years awhile.

That's what happens I guess, when you get a facebook, neglect your art/writing, have relationship roller coasters, and kinda change your outlook on life in general.

shit really does happen.

And i mean, in this case, it's the good kinda shit. If there is that kind. :P

anyways, just lettin ya know i'm alive! lol, for anyone who may still watch me/follow me/whatevers lol. And that now that it's summer i'll try to post some more writing every once in a while.
But. I still am a very busy individual, and well...Abby, for example, that means you need to deal with me not always answering you or etc.

But yea, I'm a happy camper, and hoping it'll stay that way. Lolz got no more emotional wreak issues anymore. I am as stable as the leaning tower of Piza.

Bad reference? eh, ok. As stable as the london bridge. Still no? Ok well look at it this way; they're still up are they not? Exactly and that's all that matters ;D
  • Listening to: The Word Alive's newest album (gettttit people)
  • Reading: a buncha stuff
  • Watching: toby turner on youtube
  • Playing: minecraft
  • Eating: a lot less
  • Drinking: a lot more. lol


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

tumblr: undersirable-number--one.tumbl…

the names nick, im 18.
Besides the obvious, here's some other things about me.
I'm big on music, as well as art...though i really kinda suck at it now. I'm a pessimist. And chances are I will ruin your day. Now if you honestly care enough, please, do continue reading.

More things about myself.....I like history a bit too; my favorite type of history has to do with both the Victorian Era and the medieval period and yes, ima nerd with a love of dragons, magic and the like.

Creeepyness is funn too. Hope i dont scare u away either with my interests, cuz in real life i look just like anyone else.

Now, wut else to cover, AH yes.
I do almost a little bit of everything on this account. But I tend to mainly write, yup yup, writin' s'my thing, i guess u could say.
i like to write, listen to music, snap pics of nature and stuff, draw stuff, and on occasion i do sum photomanips/computer-created art

NOW. Time for some eye-popping statistics!

96% of the teen population say that they think they have been in love. Put this on your profile if you'd be part of the 4% who know what true love is.
95% of kids laugh at other kids because they are different. Copy this into your profile if you are apart of the 5% that laughs at the other 95% because they're all the same.
98% of teenagers have smoked, drunk, or had sex. Put this in your signature if you're not one of em

LOL hayley

“Interviewer: “So what do you get when you let your heart win?”
Hayley: “Peanut M&Ms and root beer.”

“Next up is… Paramore’s new music video called Misery Business.” “Ohhhh, my gosh. I LOVE them! The lead singer’s such a bitch.” - Hayley

:iconrealityruinsmylife1::iconrealityruinsmylife2: :iconohgoodmorningplz::icontheassasinsfailedplz: :icondietodeath1plz::icondietodeath2plz::iconepicfailatlifeplz::iconialmostwinplz:

║╩║║║╔╗Put this on your page
╚╩╩═╩═╝if you want (need) free hugs

╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your
║╩╣║║║║║ page if you are or support
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ Emos ♥.♥.♥.


.........♥.......♥ Put
.....♥...............♥ This
...♥....................♥ On
..♥......................♥ Your
.♥........................♥... ......♥....♥ Page
♥.........................♥... ♥.............♥ If
.♥.........................♥.. .............♥ You
..♥.........................♥. ...........♥ Love
...♥......................... ...........♥someone
.....♥....................... ..........♥
........♥.................... .......♥
............♥................ ....♥
...............♥............. .♥

PS - i AM Christian; Catholic to be exact. Just thought I'd throw that out there (haters gon hate) :XD:

Current Residence: u know that really odd and twisted part of ur mind? Yea that one, thats where i hang out a lot
Favourite genre of music: Just about anything screamo and lotsa alternative
Operating System: my awesum laptop I bought just b4 freshman yr
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch 4th gen
Favourite cartoon character: Road, Rukia, Hinata, Yori-Chan, and L! oh and GIR ish mi pet dog XD
Personal Quote: "The light at the end of a tunnel is usually a train" :P


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so yea..if any of you guys feel like it, cause i really wouldn't mind having a premium membership...but it's completely up to you guys and your generousity ^_^ thx again all
luv u gais! :love:

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